For a walk - refreshing the mind & restoring energy

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Today, we planned to go out and look around what changes can we see, the winter is ending, the summer is on its way, what we have seen, the green land in our village.
We often go for walk but not far away! as we experienced today, the weather was superb! and we kind of enjoyed it together.
Outing is good for health :-)
My friend #Malikshah his name is Malik Shah Fahad and I enjoyed it.
Few clicks were also taken, because I planned to share it on steemit and show the world the beauty of my Village (Ismaila, Swabi).
He was interested to have some photos so, he can also post it, i guess this one is quite a good photo.
I am not really a natural photographer but I learned something on steemit that photography is almost everywhere on Steemit and i just used the same techniques, without using any filter.
83b0da84-ce11-43a8-8751-30bae96a10ad (1).jpg

Farmers did their job, growing crops, and will pay-off when the time comes!!!
This is our village (Ismaila, Swabi, at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan - place name is "Toru Ghundu") close to Kernal Sher Khan Cadet College Swabi. a short Intro, and some photography skills for a spice :-D

I hope, you will like it.

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Pakistan is really pretty. Thanks for sharing and the invite to the channel on Discord

Nice post.

Thank You :-)

You are welcome.

A lot of good posts, I like it a lot, want a better post like this, and one thing, if you're with me I'll always be with you,