I also love Mondays. If I really get on and start doing,I can be productive all week. Sometimes I feel better when I ignore the weekend and just keep moving forward,getting things done. Then the results start coming in and it pushes me even further

@madlenfox Completely agree with you! Also, I am working on things so I can have every day as a holiday. Thank you so much for your time and kind words! Appreciate!

@edgarsart Yes! I have a problem not feeling which day is which when I am productive every day! That's awesome to know I am not only one who lives mondays😂

@mahafuj oh, I understand you! But I hope you still have a great day!

I can afford to live without Mondays, alarm clocks and bosses, heh, so I have every day as Sunday. But I understand what you're saying. Monday-new plans for the whole week; this is when you know that there is still a lot of time for important things; this is when there is no disappointment that you have not had time; well, in short-this is when everything is still ahead :). I wish You success !

Not monday coz its work day :(

MonkeyDays or MonkDays?!?!?

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