Adobe Photoshop Portrait Fun - Before And Afters - Send Me Your Pic

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Fun With Photoshop

I was messing around with adobe Photoshop a bit today and decided to give a few ladies a makeover just for fun :) If you would like me to give your photo a makeover please post me a link in my comments to the photo or find me on steemit chat @mrgrey and send me your pic there.

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Photo Shop Works!!

It definitely does :)

I think you have to be careful not to remove features like freckles and wrinkles too much as it starts to look very weird and un-natural. That said some celebrities (I won't name any names) seem to get plastic surgery to achieve that same look and it looks really weird.

lol very true, Im still trying to find the perfect balance

It takes practice. One rule that helps is to try and collapse all the retouching to a single layer (or make a group) and then reduce the opacity to 50% or less. It is tough deciding on the balance. I cringe when I look at some of the early retouching work I did because the skin looks like plastic!

Thank you for the advice I will definitely try it :)

What a change! UPVOTED!

Thank you :)

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