Photography #2

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Some examples of photography that I get when I'm in the country over the clouds, yes the country over the cloud is takengon, have you ever felt the atmosphere of the country above the clouds? Lol

Beberapa contoh photography yang saya dapatkan saat saya berada di negeri atas awan, ya negeri atas awan adalah takengon, apakah anda pernah merasakan atmosphere negeri diatas awan? Lol

I want to publish to you all for what I've got.

Saya ingin mempublikasikan kepada anda semua atas apa yang sudah saya dapatkan.

Photos taken by camera smartphone Samsung galaxy j3 pro

Foto diambil oleh kamera smartphone Samsung galaxy j3 pro

  • Location : Takengon (Indonesia)

  • Photography : @rafael-timo

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Oke. Done...

Yeah thats a good shot, be good to see more of the view behind your friends. Thanks for sharing

Same here, thanks @diljeetdil :)

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