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Here's my Buddleja Knappii that I've managed to bonsai.
The raw material plant was saved from a pile of garden rubbish that was dumped in our local woods! I took it home, gave it a trim, and then planted it in a large pot with plenty of nutrient rich compost tea.
Two years later, and it was moved to its new home, and I began the transformation into what you see here today.
It is a variety of butterfly Bush native to South Africa, which lends itself to Bonsai, due to its beautiful trunk, nebari and small willow like leaves, it really is an eye catching bonsai which I recommend trying.

Here's some information that I found online.

Buddleja knappii - Butterfly Bush

Around midsummer, when the pendulous racemes of flowers weigh down its boughs, it’s hard to decide which is more satisfying: Buddleia’s abundant, often fragrant blossoms, or the myriad butterflies they attract.

This uncommon South African Buddleja soothes the garden with a composed evergreen appearance. Offsetting the darker green-gray leaf tops, a downy white felt envelops the new growth, foliar undersides and arching stems. Tiny teeth and a bumpy texture define the long narrow, leatherlike foliage that’s reminiscent of willow leaves, while lavender flowers borne in short racemes embellish them.
Size: 6' 0" high x 6' 0" wide; hardy to zone 8.

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Wow nyc work . Keep it up

This one you don't see very often. You have a very good looking trunk developed in that short amount of time since you started growing it.

I've got one of these growing my collection too, and it is about the same age. You must have already had some nice size to it before you rescued it. Hopefully it will become a good looking bonsai. These flower and grow so easily in a confined space.
Maybe I should let the lowest branches all grow super long for a year, to support a thicker trunk.

(This is an old post I am sharing as a reference, so do not bother to upvote it.)