Rebar rebar and more rebar

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Here's the engineer side of motoengineer!

In NYC rebar or reinforcement bar, is inspected by either a special inspector or an engineer. Typically we look for conformance to the approved drawings, but in many cases where we are performing repair work, we have to adjust for field conditions. In this photo you'll see that most of the rebar are existing rebars that are already cast into the concrete, so moving them isn't a possibility. Instead we have to inspect to see how close to the approved drawings we can get them. This isn't ideal, but a good engineer is one that understands and adapts to field conditions!

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That's cool. I recently found out that they are green because they are set in epoxy. I never saw coated rebars before coming to New York!


I'm not a fan of coated rebars, but I've only seen them in the US. In fact it's very popular to use them here because the material cost for the "performance gain" is minimal.

The epoxy is placed to protect the bars from the weather, if they are embedded in the concrete the epoxy is not placed


Epoxy bars are designed to protect the rebar while it is inside the concrete not during storage. There is no way to remove the epoxy from the bar before placing the concrete unless you strip it off.

Is this real?
woow uses a rope to bind iron, amazing