Reasons why older people rock!

in #photography4 years ago


While stuck in yet another traffic jam in Dublin I came across these 3 people waiting on a bus. They didn't seem to be together yet they all seemed to have a "I couldn't give a fuck about what you think" vibe about them. Gandalf in the back and the Red Priestess with a gangsta lean against the light pole to the left and the baggy pants wearing gangsta on the right. I just could not help getting a quick sneaky snap. If this is the only thing that you achieve with age then sign me up!


Well well well, I didnt know you were on Steemit. Hope alls well :)

I sure am, I haven't really been active over there for a while but I figured I should drop back by and get posting here too.

Good to see you mate, how have you been?

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