Local Wildlife (Kangaroos) On My Morning Walk.

in #photography5 years ago

I just wanted to share a few photos I took this mob of kangaroos that live in the nature reserve just behind my house. I want to get up closer and get more photos next time.

Beautiful landscape and sunsets here. I will try to capture some good ones of the wildlife in their natural habitat





As close as I could get to one last night before he jumped over the fence in a single bound. They don't even need a runup to jump over a 4ft fence.



I always wanted to travel and see kangaroos. They are such majestic creatures, I'd love to interact with them. thanks for sharing.

Super cute, great shots! I saw quite a few wild kangaroos when I traveled around Australia - they're FAST when they want to get somewhere.

Very cool, how close can you get to them?

Normally not much closer than 5 meters, 6 yards. Sometimes though if you're in the nature reserve walking and the whole mob happens to be moving they'll jump right past me nearly touching me if I just stand still.

I'm hoping to get some good shots of them on the move or when the little ones are play fighting

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