Bangladesh Sonargaon Taj Mahal

in photography •  6 months ago


This Taj Mahal is situated in Sonargaon village of Bangladesh Narayanganj district..


The Taj Mahal of Bengal is very beautifully designed.Hundreds of people came from all over the country to visit this beautiful Taj Mahal...!



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Taj Mahal is very famous, historic and ancient


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Really a great symbol of love...


Thanks friend durendra


You are welcome dear...

is this aagra's Taj?
Beacuase its look different


Thanks ajjualien

very Beautiful,i love Bangladesh

That looks really cool, I do like to visit that place someday:)


Thanks friend cazzone 😚

very nice Taj Mahal


Thanks friend sergey


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Beautifully captured. Ain't taj mahal the symbol of love?