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Part 1
If pre wedding is done before the wedding, then post wedding is done after the wedding, precisely at the moment of honeymoon.

As a rising trend, post wedding is done by many people, although they have to spend deeply.

However, the question arises. Is it expensive to post wedding photos have benefits for marriage and home life? Or, lest it be just a wasteful lifestyle since the beginning of marriage?

Wedding consultant Indra Noveldy from argues, spending money to follow the trend of post wedding photos is okay, but there are some things to note for the sustainability of the household. What are they? Here's the story:

What are the benefits of post wedding photo trends?

If I see actually this trend is more towards waste at the beginning of marriage. If the photo post wedding means the tendency is done not long after the wedding, but that period is a critical period.

The period after marriage should be used to discuss something more fundamental for the household. Many things to note, especially after the energy is drained to undergo a wedding procession.

After the reception is a fairly critical moment, especially for Indonesian people who like a scene when talking about marriage affairs. Weddings involve long preparations, high stress, and not to mention the many things that go wrong as planned.

The condition is very vulnerable for newly married couples. Conflict can happen. In my opinion, it would be nice if after marriage, the couple sat together for a chat rather than doing activities that are wasteful. For example, discussing the vision and mission of their household. Do they already know where the marriage is going.

Part 2

Should make post wedding photos?

Basically, many young couples think that the honeymoon is just for fun. In fact, many clients are actually troubled during the honeymoon. Potential conflicts can occur during the honeymoon. For example, the husband wants to rest because he was tired of the wedding procession. In the meantime, his wife just wants to do it again. When the honeymoon a lot of adjustments to be made, especially if the couple is different habits.

Well, better after the reception, a couple really start thinking adult. Make the momentum of the honeymoon to strengthen bonding. Many couples who after the honeymoon even become not close. So, use the honeymoon time as best as possible to build a bond with your partner. Do not just pay attention to what is visible only.

What triggered the post wedding photo trend?

This trend arises because there is a thirst to display images or images. I see a lot of couples showing off photos on social media, which seems to show how happy they are. In fact, it turns out they've been problematic for a long time. So, it's as if the imagery is an extraordinarily important thing for today's couples.

Well, instead of trying to look happy and harmonious through photos, why not really feel real happy


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