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I watched these birds shuffling along this street light and taking it in turn to fly off when they got to the end.

I saw the same behavior many years ago in the aviary at ZSL London Zoo while conducting my own research project on human behavior. Which was about how long visitors stood in front of the various exhibits in the zoo.

At the time I thought that they had developed this cooperative behavior because they were in a confined space? It appears my assumption was wrong?

Street light bird perch

bird perch.jpg

They formed an orderly queue and marched along until they got to the end of the light and then just launched themselves off. I suppose that they are using the street light just like a cliff edge?

Just for historical purposes these photos were taken last month (August 2018) at Cromer in Norfolk near a supermarket. If you are reading this in the future. Note the price of petrol and diesel. This is what we used to burn in engines to drive cars. (motorized vehicles)

Unusual bird perch

birds lamp.jpg

Have a bonkers weekend folks. :-)

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One 🐦 flew away! Great photo!

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Thanks @bambinotv he was the first of many. A trend setter. :-)

Love it! I don't think I have ever noticed that behavior!