📷 📷 📷 photo tip #9 — look up 📷 📷 📷

in photography •  2 years ago

The sky above, and the ground below, is full of surprises. Lift your head up high and explore everything our beautiful world has to offer.

The birds up high are quick, so don’t worry if you miss them—capturing a part of the airy animal makes for a more interesting composition.

I often explore how little I can include in a photo for the image to still make sense. And the less the better is what I found. Images with less subject matter are more abstract, and as such more intriguing and philosophical.

When you look up, what do you see?

molly warhol

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I agree, look up and look down, you never know, what you can & will find :D


ya, i try to walk with my head up as often as possible, sometimes i hit trees.. :P