📷 📷 📷 photo tip #10 — this is a bus stop 📷 📷 📷

in photography •  last year

Yes! This really is just a bus stop, nothing more. And I know that it looks like a Stanley Kubrick movie set…

Just look at the other photo below—that is the glass against which I put my camera to peek inside, and what I found was another universe!

Our world is filled with galaxies waiting to be discovered, all we have to do is pause and explore the nuances of the space around us.

Galaxies are not far away, they are hidden within everyday objects. And it’s our task as artist to uncover them and inspire others.

Take a closer look at the familiar—you won’t be disappointed. The tiniest of nooks has infinities of details.

Pay attention the next time you’re waiting for your bus :D

Where do you look for inspiration?

molly warhol


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This is one of the most inspirational photography posts I've read on Steemit!
And Stanley Kubrick is also one of my favorite directors of all time.



pure love, I'm melting... :D

Super cool! There was this movie Space balls where a space-ship which was travelling at the speed of light was overtaken by another space-ship that was travelling at ludicrous speed :D. It looked somehow similar.

Thanks for sharing :)


<3 yes!

Very cool! taking ordinary objects and making them look extraordinary is the best!

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thankyou so much..! it will help me alot

Upvoted and followed. Very interesting perspective... Which is nice to see because it much different from the way I shoot.

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amazing <3

absolutely am following!


Thanks again!

Follow back. :) Enjoyed your work. See you. @mollywarhol


oh, brill! what a fascinating idea. great work :)


So cool... Love your shots!