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I always knew this day was gonna come.

Thank you to my beautiful and brave male model <3

Nudity is a complicated state to photograph. Because it’s hard to get the model relaxed, since as people we spend most of our time living, well, clothed.

But the experience is worth the risks! Nudity opens a whole new dimension in photography. At the very least, it makes you more confident :)

So ask your mothers, brothers, and friends to undress for your next photo session… actually, maybe not, just stick with perfect strangers.

Would you model nude?

molly warhol

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If I ask my mom to undress for a pic she will slap the crap out of me! 😅

best comment EVER!!!

but is true! ahahahah

@blacklux , You look so innocent. hi.. hix

Thanks! Lol! 😅

cool! the selective focus is great

good eye :) you're the first to notice lol :*

Looks chilly :)

it was :P ... not for me...

Liked and followed :)

thanks @frag :D

i agree with you, and yes i could nude model BUT do note, not with who ever lose on the street person ;0 resteem ING. GREAT picture hun

love you @swedishdragon!

and I feel the same :)

right back at you mollywarhol ❤ i went to denmark for a HOLE full photo show with JUST nudes, oMg great shoots there :D :D

I ask people to model all the time for my poetry project where I write on skin, and a lot of it is nude, or in the realm of nude. I've also been nude in the photos, some taken by myself, some taken by others. I wonder what it would be like if there wasn't poetry on my skin though.

The other day, I painted on a girl, all over her chest, and left a spot for the moon to write the poem. It was a SUPER intimate experience, especially after, when I helped her peel the acrylic paint off, because it was a time-consuming and intricate process. Anyway, props to everyone who does it, because it takes some courage in a world where nudity is not too accepted in the public sphere <3

Would you pose nude?