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in photography •  11 months ago

Hi everyone,

Today, I'm sharing with you this panoramic image I took when I visited this hospital last month while visiting someone:

Here's a better view (more lightning in the photo):

As you can see, it's mostly trees around there, something I really like.

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Hey nice shots - really looks great the higher up you get.

Por algún razón creo que se quito el voto automaticamente? Cuando vuelvo a la oficina le pongo otra vez!

very nice view and great pictures!

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Gracias por tu trabajo de calidad @moisesmcardona

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Gracias al apoyo de los Witnesses que han trabajado arduamente con nosotros de la comunidad @chitty , @nnnarvaez , @moisesmcardona . ¡Los invitamos a votar por ellos!

Excelentes! !! 😎

An example of a good job a good preparation, greetings my brother as always, thanks for the information.