Chasing a SUNSET

I was driving home from the store a little bit ago when I realized it was going to be an epic sunset tonight. Unfortunately I only had my crappy galaxy s5 handy which takes basically the worst pictures ever. I snapped a few pictures with it only to confirm that I was right, the pictures were terrible (blurry).
So I raced home, grabbed my NIKON DSLR and ran down the street on foot to the river where there was a clearing in the brush. I managed to make it just in time, I snapped a few pictures just before dusk and they turned out absolutely amazing. I was scared that the picture wasn't going to do the moment justice, but as you can see I was wrong. It is truly stunning. So much so I had to come share it with all of you on steemit. Hope you enjoy this sunset even half as much as I did!

I don't know what it is, but there is truly something amazing about a beautiful sunset like this. As the colors splash across the sky for that brief period of time you almost forget about everything wrong in the world and only see its beauty. It is a powerful moment that fades as fast as the sunset does, so it's nice when you get a chance to catch a good one on camera.

Hope you enjoyed the photos

Peace, Love and all that hippie shit

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I can't tell you how many times I've had to run down the street with my Canon camera to catch those rare, breathtaking sunsets.

Awesome shots. I love how the sky transitions from deep blue/purple to fiery orange.


Good to know im not the only one who does stuff like this! Lol.. im sure my neighbors thought i was crazy but it was totally worth it, these photos are so amazing i cant believe i took them! :) like u said, the transition of colors is just..... wow!

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Keep it up!
All the best!

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Nice shots! Good call on ditching the s5 to go get a real camera.


Yeah, im so happy I made the switch. I still cant believe i took these pictures! Everytime i look at them i am mesmorized. The water almost looks like its on fire.

Great that you can still see deep beyond the setting sun^^ Nice post. It looks like you've been on Steemit a while and have a nice camera.


Thanks! I actually got my camera about the same time as i joined steemit a few months back.. getting a little better at both each day ;)
I see ur relatively new to steemit. Welcome friend :)


Thank you. And thank you for checking out my blog. There are a lot of mysteries to me how steemit works. I will just keep posting what I like and meet some friends on the way. It can't be too bad. Sometimes I go overboard. I think the point here is to try to find ways to give steem power... I registered banjo and minnowfollower. I like those bots. I don't know exactly what to do next in steemit^^


Oh, well let me help point u in the right direction then.
The first thing u want to do is sign up with the pal network discord thru @minnowbooster, that will give u a lot of help, they will upvote a post of urs once every 12 hours with a decent size upvote, usually about $0.1. I resteemed an article with exactly how to do all of that about 3 weeks ago if u look thru my feed. (Written by rodeo 670)
Next u will want to follow and check out @nairadaddy, he is all about helping out new minnows. He does contests and helps to show people the ropes here on steemit. He is a wonderful person and is extremely helpful and uplifting.
Then if u really want some good help i heard that @minnowuniversity is great, but i have never checked it out to be honest.
Hope this helps a little and dont be afraid to ask if u need anymore help.. steemit is a wonderful platform with amazing people on it. So dont let ut scare u off before u get a chance to really experience it. :)


beautiful photography, this sunset picture is really well-captured. Thanks to sharing this amazing post

Great shots! Really amazing color!!


Thanks man. DSLR's are the shit. They really capture it all.

Damn.. those are beautiful pictures


Thanks bro.. this camera does brilliant work, well worth the money.

wow so beautiful!
amazing shots. these could be postcards! :)


Right! I keep looking at these pictures and cant believe i took them! I finally feel like im getting better at this whole photography thing :)

WOW! This one is epic indeed, cool you have enough to go home, you need some quality snap for this one


Yeah, i didnt know if i was going to make it or not. I had to speed a lil bit to be honest! Lol

a mindful moment....beautiful are truly fortunate to have experienced it!


I totally agree! :)


Yes you are absolutely right.

Wow! so awesome illustrations! Upvoted and followed! Wishing to be as grow my skills to draw like that!

Good photos, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste :D greetings

The reflection on the water is epic,. Good thing you still had time to grab your camera!


I agree! :) It almost looks like the water is on fire.

Good post! I like the warmth of the image, greetings, go through our blog

So beautiful scenery is this that melts our heart.

What a splash of red colour! Perfect shots worth running on foot to capture the moment! 😊


I agree.. that actually made it even much more special. Lol.

Looks like Georgia or south carolina? Where are you? Looks great. Sunset colors blend so beautifully. Missing the sunsets in Florida as I recently moved home to PA!


Midwest actually. To be honest we usually have way to much cloud coverage to even see the sunset around my area, fucking chem trails. So this was a very rare treat for us :)

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Ohhhh yeah awesome you decided to get it and you still got there in time. Amazing pictured ❤


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Thatbis indeed a spectacular sunset for sure

Awesome shot. Definitely worth the effort you put into getting it!


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Amazing photo! Keep it going

How beautiful. Great photos!!!

Well im glad u enjoyed that post and i really appreciate u making the effort to give me an upvote, but you honestly didnt have to go thru all of that hassle. A good comment is appreciated just as much as an upvote ;) take care friend.


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Wow only gorgeous!

beautiful sunset
And as you said, it's only half the beauty you see in your eyes
Really amazing, thank you very much for sharing

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Thank you so much! :)


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Beautiful Sunset! Look forward to seeing more photos.

Great photos and really love the colors and the dramatic outlines - thanks for sharing. Just followed you and appreciate if you follow me too


Thank you, im still new to this whole photography thing still so its great to hear that people appreciate the shots. I did follow u, but not because u asked, because u commented with a thoughtful comment and u have great photography skills, so maybe i could learn a trick or two from u. ;)

Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing :)

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I wanted to upvote your thanksgiving post, but it's past payout. I'll upvote the beautiful sunset instead.

Peace and love from an original hippy.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


Truly beautiful sunset, glad you managed to get your camera to catch it!

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