Solitary Abandon

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I give up trying to find the words to write with this post. So I'll just leave this chaotic representation of my life the last few months, to be a post on its own.

On my journey towards healing I've sought to explore places I wouldn't think of normally. This waterine community was one of those. Of the many pictures I took this is my favorite. It's calm, yet chaotic. It's dark yet colorful. It's moody yet evocative.

I've been away for long, yet I've lurked around mostly doing stuff in the background on Steem. Small stuff, but stuff nonetheless. I appreciate everyone that's stuck around. I wish I can promise to post more often. I'll try 😉

I care what you think of the photo 🙂


The photo is amazing. I too have basically moved on, and gotten into other things like music and playing again. No matter what happens to us Son, you will always be in my heart.

Thanks, pops. I am eternally grateful 🙂 I'm glad you've been occupied with other interests. I wish you the very best with those. Jam it! 😎

Awesome shot brother :)

Yet you found the best words to describe. When they say "A picture is worth a thousand words", this must be it.

It is always good to have you around, foreground or otherwise.

Aww. That's so sweet. Trust me you are among those I hold dearly and am very grateful to this platform for. I'm gracious you think so highly of it 🙂

Neat shot, man. I love it. Where is this place?

Whether you can only find the time to post once a month or twice In a whole year, we appreciate that. Feels good to have known you here.

I'm honored, man. You are a great man. The pictures was taken somewhere in Uruan, not too far away from Uyo. Glad you love it 🙂

Thanks for the reply. I think I have heard about this place before. Maybe I could visit Uyo again soon. Besides, I just heard the next Steem meet-up in Nigeria will be held in Uyo.


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