Going wide

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Using wide angle lens can sometimes be really difficult because you are getting a huge angle of view on your viewfinder. There can be a lot of distractions because it can see wider than our own eyes. But when you find some place without anything that can ruin your photo, you can get amazing results. Like this first one for example. Simple yet beautiful landscape with Sun passing through clouds.

CameraLensShutter speedF-stopISO
Canon 600DCanon 10-181/50 sec.f/4.5100

With wide angle lens you can also take different kinds of perspective. This is the view how little animal sees trees, long and untouchable.


CameraLensShutter speedF-stopISO
Canon 600DCanon 10-181/40 sec.f/4.5100

This one came really good. If I used some other tighter lens I will ruin this photo and its environment. You can clearly see where I took this photo, in some place with a lot of woods and beautiful untouched Nature.


CameraLensShutter speedF-stopISO
Canon 600DCanon 10-181/30 sec.f/4.5640

And at the end, good thing to do when you are trying to photograph people with this kind of lens, make sure they are in the middle of image because if you are taking photo of someone and he is standing in the corner of image you will get huge distortion on photo. People will look like they gained 20kg in just a one shot. :D


CameraLensShutter speedF-stopISO
Canon 600DCanon 10-181/200 sec.f/4.5800
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Very nice pics with this lens.
Great works.

Regards from you Steem Banat community.