Super rare photos...of me!

in #photography4 years ago (edited)

I've easily shared over 3,000 images on Steemit - but I rarely share photos of myself. And that's because I'm rarely in them LOL.


Sure I may be in friends and family cellphone pictures - but it's super duper rare when a photo of me is taken with a professional camera.

Heck I rarely take selfies as it's kinda vain.

But last Sunday I had a buddy help me out by being a second shooter at a wedding. And since barely anyone was in the park I had him take photos of me.

I figured I share some of the images with you guys as they came out half way decent.




I'll be sure to share some preview photos from the wedding with you guys in the upcoming days.

And if you've made it this far - I also rarely ever post any depressing stuff on Steemit or social media well because who cares?

But it looks like things are going to get a bit rough soon so I appreciate any good vibes you can send my way!


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