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For anyone following my nestbox cam updates over the past two years you might of noticed this year i didn’t upload many videos it was mainly just pictures the reason for this was the microphone on the camera was not working so as the breeding season is well and truly over I removed the nestbox to give it a good clean for next year in doing so I decided to remove the camera and see if I could find out the reason for the lack of sound E52ABCAE-CD51-4F8E-A9FC-DD3FEBF19ECD.jpeg
As you can see it was immediately obvious the moment I removed the back plate, this repair couldn’t be any easier a simple plug in and all was good
I now look forward to next season and hopefully some great pictures and videos ( with sound )
For anyone who has not seen any of the nestbox cam updates here are a few pictures from the past few years
This was the very first picture as you can see it was brand new





And here we are ready for next year. Cheers for popping in. Thanks mike


The repair could not of been simpler!

Looking forward to next season. I wonder what species of bird will be nesting there?

On the first photograph of the nest box, it looks like the blue tit is viewing it and thinking that this will do for nesting.

Thanks for sharing.

Yes you’re right it was a blue tit , we’ve had blue tits for the past two years breeding in the box . I’m going to try a second box next season to try and attract a different kind of bird as well . Thanks mike

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What’s this all about I’ve never used a bot and I wouldn’t even know how to. Thanks mike

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I was wondering where you were. Looking forward to another round of babies :)

I’m thinking about introducing a second box next season I just haven’t made up my mind on what type of bird to try and attract because box sizes and hole sizes all depends on the type of bird you want to attract. Thanks mike

Ohhh what birds can you attract. Do a poll page. See what people would like to see :)

That might be a good idea. Thanks mike

Quite amazing view in the life of birds and see how bird families are born and start their adventure into the world. It is quite great you have repaired the camera, so I cannot wait until you start posting in the new season.

Nice one cheers mate. Thanks mike

The sound will add a whole new dimension to your series, I will look forward to it cheers mate