Well, it's only natural when you think about it. Those who cheat will cheat anywhere! It's easy to Upload there and say you own the copyright, just like it is easy to do the same thing on Steemit. Most of the times you are safe, but you just never know these days. I've had to have my images removes from free sites before. Wallpaper sites are bad!

Ah, there's the problem! Royalty Free Images are NOT Free images. That's how I have made my living for over 20 years! Royalty Free is a type of licensing! Click on the Getty Images link to my cat image and you will see how free they are LOL! What you do mean is COPYRIGHT FREE - a HUGE difference!

I can see how this is a vastly misunderstood issue.

Yes, it was never a problem when only professional designers etc were using stock images, because they all knew about the different licensing. Now, it's unfortunate that so many see the word FREE. And think that the Royalty Free images must be free. They are just free of further royalties once the first licensing fee has been paid. With Rights Managed images, on the other hand, a fee has to be paid for every usage. It's really important that anyone using images understands image licensing.

Wow, that sounds like a mess.

That sounds very hard to clean up. Teaching the masses is a difficult task lol.

Like herding cats lol

Yes, if only the agencies had a crystal ball way back when - then they would have coined a different term for RF images! Some of the masses don't want to be educated, though. LOL! Then they would have to be accountable.

More and more professional photographers on here are writing blogs about unauthorized image usage, so maybe eventually it will be accepted as something undesirable to include include in a blog.

Certainly, outside of Steemit, most bloggers understand the rules, because many have been slapped with lawsuits. Unfortunately, Steemit is attracting not only the serious blogger and professional photographer, but also the average person who wants to make a buck or two! And they just don't understand the consequences - YET!

Getty Images does allow the embedding of our images in blogs for free (the link goes back to Getty) - however Steemit does not support the code! Not sure if Steemit would qualify anyway, because the use could be interpreted as commercial.

man. And to add to the issue there are so many anonymous accounts many people may not even be able to be sued if it came down to it.

Definitely a real issue. Not sure how to handle it though.

The hosting site could be liable - and that would mean all of us. :-( It is uncharted territory, but it is already being tested! Anonymous users need to be especially careful!

That was interesting. It seems like they were actually leaning toward not unmasking the anonymous guy in that case but that it may lead to further cases wanting to unmask in future.

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