My Canadian Winter Waterfall Walk

in photography •  last year

Here in Canada you have two choices, either get outside even when it is cold out and "live life" or hibernate like the bears and stay indoors.
Personally I love nature too much to hide inside for 4 or 5 months waiting for winter to end so I had to get out there and go for a walk in the forest to see the little waterfall in my area.


Once you get yourself bundled up, outside and into nature you can find a peaceful stillness surrounding you. There is a reason why some refer to this a "nature therapy". It is clinically proven that being outside in nature actually boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, increases your ability to focus and can also improve your sleep.


Everything looks and feels so different in the winter. If you are one of those people who spends every winter hiding indoors, then maybe now is a great opportunity to experience what it is all about.
Allow yourself to feel the cold air filling your lungs; feel the sensation of the snow crunching under your feet.


It is good to learn to appreciate the cold in the winter because this offers a great contrast that makes the warmth of summer even more enjoyable.


Thanks for joining me on my little Canadian Winter Walk :D

These are Original Photographs that I took to share exclusively with the Steemit Community.

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Beautiful sunshine in your photos takes the cold out of the snowy landscape


Yes! It was pretty cold out but it still looked like a beautiful warm sunny day. Perfect for pictures!

As I always say, the only thing prettier than a regular waterfall, is a frozen one!


I agree 100% ;)

I like canadian winter season.Which you use camera to take for photo??


I took these pictures using my IPhone. Nothing fancy haha

beautiful, beautiful, one of my dreams palpalos directly ,. the beauty of nature in its splendor

Indeed great natural photography always produces amazing works. and it takes the right time and weather and @metalbrushes to find it.
the water that flows between the snow becomes a difficult atmosphere for the story right

Hello canada. Good nature @metalbrushes

really wonderful place @metalbrushes enjoy your time <3

ahh.. such a great skill man👌👌