The joy of being outdoors!

in #photography3 years ago

A trip down memory lane

I was just going through my pictures in iCloud when I came across these photos of a fishing outing that my Dad and I did. Not too long ago my dad would always go with me but not so much these days. He's excellent and in good health but because when I go fishing, I go from sunrise to sunset.

I remember this day distinctly. I knew it was going to rain, but I always hope that the weatherman will get the forecast wrong on a day that I plan on fishing. My dad did not want to come anymore because of the pending rain, but I was able to convince him to join me. I don't know if I made this up myself or have heard it somewhere, but my attitude about rain and fishing is, It doesn't matter if it's raining the fish are already wet :)

I love this silhouette of my dad. I remember wading across the Shenandoah river after sheltering under an oak tree (I know trees aren't safe) waiting for a thunderstorm to pass. I crossed the river, and as I reached the bank, I saw my dad, clouds, sun, and Mountains all in one frame, so I was quick to pull my phone out and got this shot.

See I told you, The fish is already wet it doesn't matter if it rains ;) In case you don't know this is a smallmouth bass probably the best fish to catch on a fly rod. They are gritty, robust, and extremely smart.

And of course, as my dad grew tired of the rain and dark clouds we left, but as we were going, you could start to see the orange hue breaking thru the clouds. I pulled over and was able to get a photo of that elusive sunlight that we were waiting for that day. Overall it was a great day we were catching not fishing! Don't get it wrong it's not about catching fish it's about being outdoors away from it all.


Being outdoors is awesome if you're not doing it than you're not living.


thank you very much! Thanks for taking the time to look at my post 😀

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