Alpacas- Cuteness at its best!

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Hi Fellow Steemers,

I thought I could share with you about something that could make your visit to the Northeast very pleasing. I lived in the the area for about four years now, but I had no idea about the Alpaca farms in the area. A surprise discussion and a rather impromptu visit to one of the farms blew my mind so much so that I decided to share it with you. I got the chance to see, pet and feed these incredibly cute animals. Alpacas are domesticated camelids endemic to South America that are bred for their soft fibers consumed by the textile industry. Even though, there are many alpaca farms in the USA, the total number of Alpacas is very small.

Enjoy the couple of photos the four Alpaca cutees I took during my visit.:

2016-10-06 13.36.27.jpg

They may look shy, but they aren't very much afraid of the spotlight according to their owner:

2016-10-06 13.37.04.jpg

Just so you get another view:

2016-10-06 13.49.56.jpg

Let me know if you drive by or live in the Northwast and want to visit an Alpaca farm I visited.


that are bred for their soft fibers consumed by the textile industry

I didn't know this. Cool post!

Followed :)

@riskybiscuit. Thanks for the support. They are, indeed, bred for their beautiful, soft and lush fiber. Followed you back !

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