New interest in photography


Lately I have been taking alot of pictures raging from different places and locations. At the farm, in market places, in my room.

Today I took a walk at our garden at the back of our house and snapped some pictures of different crops raging from bitter leaf to grace,because of the rain crops are growing and the color they give is really a sweet site to behold. I love the color green so much and I love to see leaves at thier early stage.

This picture is just green grace that is so green and attractive though chemical will soon be sprayed on them. Now that they are still coming up and fresh I decided to take a picture. I hope you love them.


I also discovered that the bitter leaves is growing very fast and will soon be due for harvesting. We eat them, we use them to make soup and they are very delicious.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Thank you for your support

Dont forget to support me in any way you can. Nothing is too little thank you.


Seriously I love bitterleaf soup a lot. It's not been very long I ate the soup sef. Beautiful pictures PrettyMel, your phone camera is real good.

I hardly see you commenting on Hive posts. And I hardly come on steem. How have you been? Thank you I appreciate you

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