My parents thought they bought a rat control animal but I think they bought me a pet

For sometime now we have had rats disturbing and eating grains in our store and books on the shave and at the same time urinating and destroying the grains.


Few days ago my dad decided to buy a cat to help control and take care of the rats. Now rats have all found their way out of our house and everything is looking normal again.

For me I don't want to look at the cat as a way of controlling rats but a pet. The cat is my friend now and a pet, I love little cute animals and find then very cute.


One of my friend on Hive uses spends great time with his dog Brownie @gregory-f and I am so amazed on how he loves staying with the dog and sharing nice moments together.

The cat cost just $0.71 because the mother was bought for that same amount. In some time to come I will have more cats here because this one is female and she will give birth to many more cats.


My love for cats is so wonderful, I wonder why I didn't have one already but I do now and I will enjoy more time with her at home. People here believe cats are evil and can kill but I don't share in that belief. I just love cats, the black ones are always very scary but I love them.




Thank you for reading

Do you love cats? Share your thoughts with me


cats are cute, good luck with her and may she also take on that duty as controlling the pests...

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