A Ride To Remember 😊

in #photography10 months ago (edited)

All pictures are mine 😊

We took advantage of the wonderful wheather we had and decided to take the kids horse riding.
Aside from giving the kids a different experience, we adults also wanted to experiment the nature of the mountains from a different perspective, we knew the adrenaline was going to flow in a different way as soon as we arrived to the farm and saw the horses waiting for us.

The instructor arrange the kids one by one and the incredible white and blue of the skies witnessed the beginning of our adventure.

Sometimes, nervousness took part in ya when the mischievous horses Suddenly stopped to get a snack.

But a few wild raspberries took care of our nervousness.

The girl from “The Three Musketeers” had to end her adventure on the red tractor that was just enjoying a quiet and pleasant evening, after a rough day at the fields.

Nothing it’s never too little or too much; too far or too close, expensive or free to have lots of fun.
What fun activities have you done lately, would you share your experiences with our community?



Those are your kids @melip

Great..stay safe with your cuty & beauty

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