Playing in the Shadows

in #photography4 years ago

Sometimes, of an evening, I can't resist getting my instrument out and giving it a right old bash.

This guitar is one of my favorites, cat paw prints on the fretboard and a beautiful tiger stripe finish. Can you guess what kind of guitar it is?

Of course as it wasn't myself taking the shots there were a couple of out takes.

At one point my daughter popped into frame to get a bit of band action going on. What can i say, you always need a bit of percussion!

Then of course no matter how much the sweet guitar siren calls sometimes the chores just won't do themselves!!

Photos taken on my galaxy s7 and black and white effect applied with Photoshop silver fx plugin



Awesome! I love seeing the littles get into's a whole other world, a whole other language. Don't have a clue what guitar it is though :D

It's a secret brand that no one had ever heard of made by the Koreans!! It is lovely!

What a beautiful band you are formed dear friend @meesterboom, now you have to get an instrument for the little boom.
I am also good with the iron, as you say, someone has to do things
Have a good night

I hope when we are older we don't break up!!

Looks like it might be a Paul Reed Smith. Very nice regardless of whether you have the decency to clean the cat paw markings off the neck or not.

Haha, even if I could I wouldn't! It's what drew my eye to it!! :0D

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