Looks great. I'm anorexic.

itll sort that out after you wake up!!! :-)

heard that. The wicked forces of Babylon tried to steal the whole market for the tree of Life here in Ohio in 2015. Looks like they at it again. The Stone that the Builder Refuse will Always Be the Head Corner Stone.

ya had to happen...theyll turn it into panadol(produced in a lab)....project overgrow will overcome :-)

Beautiful .. What strain it is?
Unfortunately here it is illegal! And I've been in trouble 😢
But I'm Pro Cannabis! Soon I will try to make an article of the history of this magnificent plant.

Hey ..this is a afgan/skunk...sounds good, keep me posted id love to read it

Ok ...
I love the Afghan family !!! I tried to cultivate a real afgan .. Beautiful yield and genetics.

Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

thanks :-)