Throwback - first attempts in photography #5. Cat bokeh.

in #photography5 years ago

I never hesitated whether I should buy an EOS 30D DSLR camera. And never regret that. The degree of shallow DOF this camera was giving me was not comparable to any other camera I had ever got in touch. Of course, most of the depth can be reduced by the lens, but the size of the sensor is important too. The bigger the sensor, the greater the bokeh... and this particular photo is taken at f-4,5.

It may seem like a lot more open lens.. like 2.8 for instance, but it is for sure taken at 4.5.

Now... cats... in my village there are a lot of them and i think this particular one is not in our world for a great amount of time, but it was definitely a very photogenic one. Of course the angle of the photo taken is the key to this DOF! I remember the days, when I had the chance to spend hours with my camera and all this time seems very cool and unique. But as the time passes by, I can find barely any time to go somewhere and take some great photos.

So... I will now leave you in the company of this beautiful fellow and the unique green colors of the light. Have a nice day, all of you!

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