Throwback - first attempts in photography #4. Perspectives.

in #photography5 years ago

Photography is the thing, that makes the world look differently. By choosing the right perspective we can make the daily objects in our lives look very differently. And this is intriguing in its own way.

This electricity pole looks very long, and the angle upwards - towards the sky is not the way we are used to seeing them. I remember finding it unique, how the electricity cables crossed the top of this current pole from many different directions, and all this geometry seemed very exciting for me.

When I started taking photos, before about 12 years ago, I used to change the contrast and coloring a lot. Photoshop was always used to make my photos look “better”. But sometimes I was getting lost in the colors and post-processing. I am not sure, that if I happen to process the same photo again, these days, I will do the same with it.

Anyway, the man learns things everyday, and life is constantly changing us, and our perceptions.

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I do agree, this angle gives an entire different perspective to the pole - nice photo!!

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