Throwback - first attempts in photography #3. Macro world!

in #photography5 years ago

Well, I used to take macro shots too. I can’t even remember when and where did I take this photo, but I found it in my archives.

Photography can take you to a whole set of different worlds, which are not very easily seen with naked eye. Macro lenses are a perfect example for that. And the little bugs and flowers seem like some big and weird creatures, just because we cannot see them so detailed.

The other type of worlds come with fisheye and ultra-wise lenses. Oppositely you macros, you get a mind blowing(in some cases) perspective of the surrounding world, but these are another topic.

Overall it’s up to you, if you have the right set of lenses, how you will make the world look. Viewing these old photos makes me a bit sad, because lately I cannot find enough time to take the camera outside and take some intriguing photos. Hope that I will eventually find the right balance of my time and will grab the camera again.

See you soon!

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The detail is amazing, just look at all the pollen on the bee!!

Yeah... all the pollen looks stunningly!

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