The fish of Mystery Lake 12/26/17

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A few of the fish from Mystery Lake. The Paddlefish have once again eluded the lens of my camera, though I'll have shots of them before long. In the mean time, I will continue sharing everything else I can snap a photo of.

Pictures are taken with a Sea life DC2000, a standard dive light (Underwater Kinetics SL4 400lumens, or for the deeper things in the 90'-150' and low visibility situations, I'll generally use an Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon 2200 lumens), and during a solo night dive. Pictures taken in the 20'-60' range in the quarry are quite green during the day as red light is the first to be naturally filtered out with depth. This is why I generally do my photography at night. The pictures I've posted are completely original and unedited. 

There will be many more to come in the future. If you enjoyed them, please be generous with an upvote and follow.

Diving is something I'm quite passionate about. Should you be interesting in getting started, talking shop, or asking about gear configurations, I'll always be happy to chat.

Master Diver, Sidemount,Self Reliant Diver, Dive Master candidate in progress, soon to start Tec. Aqualung and Apeks technician.

Gear configuration for this dive: Full 7mm wetsuit, hood, gloves and boots. LP112 doubles, back plate and 60# wing, Apeks DIN regs, SL4/ELED Light Cannon, two Aqualung I300s, DC2000.

Conditions For this dive: Surface air temperature of approximately 30°F, Surface water temp 52°F, First thermocline 48°F-50°F at 40', and mid to high 40's to the bottom of 125'. Visibility approximately 20' above the thermocline. Significantly degraded below 60'. Organic matter on bottom roughly 3' deep in most areas, guessing the bottom is quite oxygen deprived.

With the exception of catfish, Koi and paddlefish, the fish were quite sluggish and most were sleeping.







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