Travelling through Siberia.

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Hi Steemit friends,

Not long ago I have embarked in a journey through Siberia. The Journey started in Moscow where we took a train with final destination Ulan Baatar. It took in total 6 days of train from Moscow to Mongolia and we stopped a few days in Irkutsk, a nice city located in east Siberia near the Baikal lake.
Boat on the Baikal Lake

The lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world, it is also the deepest lake and it is also considered the world's oldest lake in the world.




During winter time the temperatures are so low that you can also drive a 4x4 over the thick ice of the lake, I definitely will go there during winter time some day in the future. It should be amazing to be able to photograph such a nature show.
During our stop we stayed in a lovely guest house in Irkutsk and we had enough time to explore the city and seeing its particular houses with the windows at the same level or even below the ground.



Characteristic windows in Irkutsk

Church in Irkutsk

After a few days we went to the train station to take the train ready to leave. Destination Mongolia.





landscape from the window

Small train station near the Mongolian border

Photo taken from the last coach of the train


This journey has been a great experience especially the days spent on the train. Travelling by train gives you the real perspective of the distances. When you travel by airplane you don't realize how big the planet is. In a really fast paced world is nice sometime slowing down to admire the surrounding.

All pictures taken with a Canon Eos 5d MkII

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Love them. Nice perspectives and kudos for the last two. Very nice!


thank you :-)

gorgeous pictures!


Thank you

Thanks for taking us along on the journey with this superb images must have been a trip of a lifetime


Thank you for commenting the post. Yes it has been a fabolous journey, probably travelling is the meaning of life ;-)

Beautifully composed images. B + W works really well for these.

The final two images are brilliant, I love how you have managed to convey the motion of the train as it travels down the track. It almost looks like you were strapped to the front when taking them!



thank you so much

Strange and unique place with these windows. I wonder what are they doing during the winter when the level of the snow is higher.


Good question, I have wondered that too but I didn't ask it to anybody unfortunately

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That is one wonderful experience described and illustrated with beautiful monochromes @max28. Upvoted, resteemed & DPS.


Thank you very much


You are welcome @max28.

Great shots!



Hey man - this is absolutely amazing! Awesome stuff! tripple uplift!


:-) merit to the scenery

Wow, what an incredible journey - I love that you used B&W for these shots, it gives them a sense of timelessness at the edge of the world. Amazing!


Thank you very much. I've just checked your page and I love your posts. I follow you now.


Likewise, your photography is wonderful. Looking forward to your next post!

Really amazing travel report! I thought as well about doing the trans-sibirean railroad trip one day, but till now never realized it. This could help to push it upward on my "to-do-list". Thanks for sharing this with us!


Do it if you can. You can buy the ticket on line or directly at the train station in moscow. If you buy it on line is a bit more expensive but hassle free. At the train station they don't speak english so it could be quite hard.


Thanks for this additional info! I'll for sure do it some day!

Awesome pictures!


Thank you very much

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Glad you kept everything in black and white. And I just love, love the bridge shot!


I was not secure whether leave some shots in colour or not because the houses in Irkutsk have nice colours. But at the end I've opted for black and white. Thanks for your comment


You can show the coloured shots in a colour post :)