Understanding Nocturnal Animals For example (eagle) and (owl)

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Understanding Nocturnal Animals


or example (eagle) and (owl)

What is meant by nocturnal animals are animals that actively hunt for foraging at night and sleeping during the day

Nocturnal animals generally have a specific sense of hearing, olfactory and vision that has been adapted specifically to adapt to nighttime environments.

Some animals such as cats, weasels, hedgehogs, bats, owls and tarsiers have large eye sizes that can adapt to low light levels at night.

( imageunderstanding and example of nocturnal animals image)

If the animals that are active at night are referred to as.
Nocturnal animals

then animals that actively hunt for prey during the day are referred to as.

Diurnal animals

#Why Is There a Nocturnal Beast?
Some animal types have behavior and nocturnal properties for several reasons, namely:

Reduce Competition In Food Hunting

Being a nocturnal animal is an adaptation to reduce competition in food hunting in the same area and species of prey, for example image(eagle) and image(owl)

Hawks and owls hunt for the same foods such as rats and snakes, although their hunting grounds are the same but hawks only hunt during the day while owls only hunt at night.

The difference in hunting time between the two birds causes them to have no competition and competition for feeding.

Avoiding the Sun Heat

In some arid regions and high temperatures there are many nocturnal animals, this is one way of adapting these animals to avoid the heat of sunlight so that they can reduce the loss of body fluids due to the sun.

Avoiding Contacts With Predators

Most mouse species are nocturnal animals to avoid the predatory birds that roam around during the day.

Beavers are active at night and hide during the day to avoid contact with humans who often hunt them during the day.

Improving Hunting Opportunities

Some animals such as wolves and koyote become nocturnal animals to increase their chances of success in hunting because their prey such as zebras, antelopes, deer and impala have poor eyesight at night.

With poor eyesight of their prey at night, they can more easily approach and then catch the animal.

After understanding what is a nocturnal animal and why they are nocturnal animals, here I will give you some examples of nocturnal animals.

List of Examples 41 Nocturnal Animals

° Armadillo Bracelet Nine
° Aye-Aye
° Black Rhinos
° Bangkong
° Beaver
° Binturong
° Owl
° Kiwi birds
° Chincila
° Dingo
° Galago
° Hamsters
° The Zebra Shark
° Hyena
° Kakapo
° Scorpion
° kangaroo
° Frog
° Cockroach
° Bat
° Koala
° Cat
° Lorises
° Cuscus
° Hedgehog
° Lemurs
° Leopard
° Centipede
° Mongoose
° Weasel
° Mosquito
° Raccoon
° Red Fox
° Wolf
° Tasmanian Devil
° Sugar Glider
° Tarantula
° Tarsius
° Mouse
° Gecko
° Flying Squirrel

In addition to animals that are active only during the day (diurnal) or night (nocturnal) only, there are also animals that are active during the day and night that is the cat lion and tiger.

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