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I always go on and on about mental health, my personal way to combat negativity and keep a healthy mind is to get away, create lasting memories, GET OUTSIDE AND ADVENTURE!


So this weekend we went away with a bunch of good friends to lake Moogera, just 1 hour out of Brisbane.


Amazing for water sports, fishing and wildlife.

After a quick set up of the tent, we jumped straight onto the jet-skis, no better way to feel free!


After we cooked up an incredible feast (moderately healthy) and sat in to watch an unforgettable sunset.. yes I even had a cold beer!


After a night sitting around the fire we awoke to the sound of rainbow lorikeets. More friendly than I imagined!


All in all amazing weekend well over due.

The importance of weekends like this with loved ones I can't emphasise enough.

Making this time for yourself and your surrounding circle make for a happy life.

The memories made by us this weekend we will never forget and it even motivated us to do it more often. Only benefits were taken from this weekend.

So remember to turn off your phone for that little bit of time here and then.
You'll thank yourself.

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Great advice buddy :)


Thankyou. Live by it :)

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Can never go wrong with jet-skis ;)


Ha ha I guess but I really enjoyed the post!


Thankyou :)

Great thoughts! Beaware of negative people!


No need for them! Cut them out of the fun!


your mindset will change your life! And maybe already changed your life! Wish you a great Sunday!


Thanks you too! :)