Let's go for a swim ! The Incredible Rivers of Guatemala

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Let’s go swim ! The Incredible Rivers of Guatemala


C’était dur mais nous sommes finalement arrivés à Semuc Champey. On est allés se baigner dans cette première rivière ou l’eau est cristalline. Plusieurs personnes nous avaient parlé de ce lieu comme le plus bel endroit du Guatemala et effectivement ce n'est pas mal du tout !


It was tough, but we finally arrived in Semuc Champey. We went swimming in this river where the water is transparent. Several people told us about this place, saying that it was one of the most beautiful things to go see in Guatemala and they were right. It was not bad at all!

Semuc Champey

alt text


Avant de partir, nous avons croisé cette autre rivière. Complètement différente de la première, mais toute autant attirante ! À ce moment-là, il nous restait soit de quoi nous acheter à manger en rentrant soit de quoi négocier deux chambres à air à un camionneur qui stationnait à côté du pont. La décision a été prise en un quart de seconde… On va nager avec les crocos !


Before going, we passed over this second river. Completely different than the first one, but as much attractive! At this point, we just had enough money to either buy some food for the night or to negotiate two air tubes to a truck driver who was parked next to the bridge. It took us a quarter of a second to take our decision… Let’s go swim with the crocodiles!

alt text

alt text

Short video

A toute !


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That looks amazing, I'd love to visit!

Floating muddy water freaks me out. I would be afraid there would be some Caimans in that water!

Beautiful. What wonderful places there are in this world. We so need to look after it. Thanks for sharing.

Wow, incredible pictures! Up up up voted! Looks like you had a really nice time driving down this river :-) Cool piece, @mathitravels.

Thanks @surfermarly ! it was so much fun ^^

Looks so chilled, nice pictures!

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