Introducing PhotoHound - a platform to share the world's best photo spots


For the last two years I've been working on PhotoHound, a web platform (and app in development) to share the world's most beautiful and interesting places for photography.

Professionally curated guides

Sharing photo locations is not a novel concept. Already there are websites dedicated to the genre, you can also look at geotagged images on sites like Flickr and Instagram. How does PhotoHound improve upon this? We have a team of professional photographers who act as curators for user-submitted content to check that the corresponding information is accurate and helpful.
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Check out some of our most popular photo guides: London, Dubai, Singapore, Seattle, Shanghai, The Dolomites

Map your photography journey

One feature our users love is seeing their images mapped - a digital pinboard, if you will - of all the amazing places they've photographed.

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Join PhotoHound today!

Sign up for free at - the web version of PhotoHound will always be free to browse. Add your amazing photo spots, or simply add your images of existing photo spots.