Traveling to Black Country Museum- A village STUCK IN TIME!

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Black Country Museum, a village stuck in time!

(Travel selfie)

While I heard of it before, in the 2 years I spent living in Birmingham it never occurred to me to visit it…. Until I decided to leave. And boy did I miss out!
It is a pretty spectacular place, and anyone who has a chance or is in the area… Go!!!
It was a sunny day, and it took me and my wonderful company about 40 minutes from the City Centre to get there.

(Me on the bus, reading the map)

Upon arrival, I had no clue still, what to expect (yes, I heard that it’s amazing… but never checked the brochures… wanted to keep it a mystery). We went through rooms full of old stuff… (as you’d expect in museum, also great descriptive writing skills there, eh?). It was quite interesting, but when we stepped outside… that’s when the real fun began!
There was a garage…. Filled with old cars from different decades, the garage smelled of oil, which made me reminisce of my childhood and my grandads garage, where he would spend all his day fixing cars….
After checking out all these wonders, we stepped outside to be met by a vintage, yet functioning bus…. Which took is into the village….

(Actors in town)

Yes! A village! Small village filled with stores, churches, houses and all of it was as if frozen in time! All the contents, items, decorations- everything was set back to the decade of 1830's. Even people, who were dressed in clothes from this time and would spark a conversation about what they used to do or what the village was like. Great history lesson for sure!
I could write a book about the different stores and houses I’ve seen in this place and how atmospheric they were, but instead I will allow my photographs to tell that story and write only about things that stood out to me, most.

(One of the actors in the houses)

(Love this house decor!)

So, let’s start with houses, houses were fully furnished and each of them was showing how people of different classes lived back in these times, some houses had actors in them telling the story of who they are and how their life looks like.




The stores varied, from clothing shops which would treat you as an actual potential customer, and tell you what’s fashionable or affordable in this time. Some antique clothes were bought, or some were donated to the museum if in good condition to show the truest representation of what people wore back then. Same with jewelry shop, house items shop, grocery shop or the pharmacist shop, where a guy was showing dentist tools used for pulling out teeth; trying to scare kids who were eating lollipops…. Parents were very amused. Haha




The fish and chip shop was the one you could actually genuinely buy stuff from, but the line…. Ohh the line…. Was huge. I recommend going to museum very early in the morning, during weekday, and hitting that shop early to avoid queues. It also gives you a full day of exploring, which still isn’t enough to get a full grasp of it in my opinion.
The Fish and Chips did taste good…. The recipe and way of making the food has sustained the same since the represented times, and while sitting on a grass, watching people dressed in dresses, suits and top hats riding horse carriages or vintage cars…. it really felt as if I travelled through time.



We also visited the candy shop, which was also re-plicating original recipes and way of making candy, so people would have the best taste of what it used to be like back then.
We made our way to the canals. Birmingham is well known for their canal system and one of the perks of the museum was a boat ride through them.




The canals were dark and gloomy, just the way I like it haha.
We went through different sized canals, with hidden caves, on the outside, or a massive cave made on the inside, where we watched a documentary of how these canals came to life by the hard work of the men and kids during that time. The cave inside was massive, and the projector was screening the documentary on a massive wall in front of us… the place was very mysterious, beautifully lit and filled with fresh air… apparently the museum allows small gigs and weddings in this space… which I found pretty amazing…


Upon the canal adventures we headed back to town to experience the cinema…. Cinema, was absolutely amazing, tiny, old, wooden. Back then, it was funded by a family which was successful at first but later went out of business. We watched screening of Charlie Chaplin silent movies, which were absolutely hilarious! While eating candy we bought in the local candy shop and listening to a funky music soundtrack powered by a music box. There was a lot of amazing things in this park… but honestly, I found this the most atmospheric! It might be my love for movies… but this experience brought me most joy…. Not just because of classic comedy we were watching haha





After that experience, we had a snoop around some more houses, a bakery where a man was making fresh bread, streets where kids were playing old toys (real kids not actors). The adult actors helped show kids, what toys looked like back then and how to play them- they had an absolute blast… including me.




We headed for the school, school was also an experience. We sat in benches and were being taught by a strict teacher… she picked on people with nailpolish and shamed them…. She told us that back in the day, kids with dirty hands would be sent home…. We basically got introduced to history of school system, and were picked on by her…. But it was funny, hilarious in fact.



(Cheeky self-portrait)

(Creepy vibes in the fair!)

After school we went to a nearby Fair, where booths with candy, or prizes to be won and other wonders were found. I went to the tower slide which was a pretty fun experience and gave a good view of the place. We payed 1 pound, climbed up to the top and were given an old mat (that’s the best way I can describe it) which was covered in wax to help sliding down easier…. I was bombing it down… it went really fast, was quite cool.



(Old house by a coal mine)

The last experience was a coal mine, we were taken back in history, to old coal mines and were told what type of work it was and how hard it was. The tour guide pointed out how kids as little as 8 would stay down in the freezing coal mines all day, working hard and often losing their life.
The coal mine was indeed amazing, no pictures allowed inside sadly. It was dark and claustrophobic. We had hats and torches, but torches didn’t do a good job the least...
We went through tiny tunnels until we reached a massive cave…. Pretty amazing place… had loads of mannequins representing people back in the day.

(Self portrait, embracing scenery in one of the houses and real props of vegetables and bread)


(One of the farm houses, on the way out)

There was much more thrill and adventure, and so much more to see than what I’ve shared, but these were my favorite parts of this amazing place.
They do events to celebrate different decades, like a 1930's or 1950's parties, where attendees are required to dress up according to the given era. They also do events on Halloween or Christmas, which I found pretty cool and will surely look into atending in the future!
Boy was this an eventful and amazing day!
After all the adventure, we headed for some coffee, before making our way back home!

Hope you enjoyed this post,
Marta x

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This is an incredible post! Thank you so very much for sharing this one with us all here on Upvoted and resteemed!!!

I ca hardly believe you got to see Chaplin's movies in there too... what about this teacher and the rest of the crew of actors, were they also using the tongue from back then as well with words and idiomatic expressions you didn't know???

Fantastic photography as well, a brilliant piece all together, thank you. Namaste :)


Thank you! They were fully in character but conversed in a normal way :) They did give us a lot of interesting facts and information, which I assume kids of certain age and maybe even some adults (including me) would not understand otherwise if spoken in that dialect haha Chaplin movies were a classic, I'd go back any day to experience just cinema alone! :)


Yes! It is realy like time traveling. Thank you!

I like the horror movie theme of the photos. They themselves tell a story. Good work!


Thank you! :)

Great post. I've lived in Brum 3 years & haven't been yet. I'm adding it to my 'must do' list :)


Yes, I still can't believe it was right under my nose the whole time I was there! Glad I'm not alone in this :) Definitely worth a visit!

Pretty amazing tour. Wonderful pictures. Thank you for telling us that this place exists.

If only 1% of authors posted photos like you we'd be competing with Instagram already! Wishing you all the very best for each and every one of your future endeavors! Stay awesome


Thanks for a great compliment! haha :D

amazing photography

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Thanks for pointing that out. I thought it was just a general tag, sorry to disappoint you!

As a fellow photographer I must say that I love the way you capture shadows. I love it 👌


Shadows are my favorite to play around with :) Just completes my style <3 Thank you!

Nice post, beautiful. 😊😊😊

Woah...I NEED to visit this place. I never even knew this small village even existed in the first place. Isn't it amazing how every single country has something different to offer (culture, food, buildings...) and no matter how much you travel, it seems like there's always another place to explore completely different from the other ones.
Thanks for sharing this post martaesperanza, really enjoyed learning about this mysterious little village. Fantastic photography and really interesting definitely deserve my upvote :D


Thank you so much! Yes, it is a thrill to travel and no matter how much you've seen of one place, there always seems to be more that you haven't explored yet there! :)

Nice post


can you support me plaise

Outstanding post! I am really enyojing in your works! So much talent! Well done, Marta!


Thank you so much for kind words! Means a lot :)

Awesome! :) love the style of images

@martaespernza you really amazed me this gorgeous village someday I'll visit it but how far away from los angeles


Haha LA is quite far indeed, time to start saving pennies! On the other note, LA must be exciting! :)

Great photos.. nice articles love to the read em


Thank you, glad you enjoy them ! :)

Wow... your photographies are art, so amazing :)


Thank you so much! I'm glad you see it that way! So humbled! :)

What is the name of the camera that captured the image


I used my Nikon D5300 :)

the post shows the real heart full hard work. choosing the place and the title itself tells the real interest. photographs are very well taken. specially your selfies, canals and streets . pictures of this post tell more than a book. in all most all photos the typical British life style was pictured. very nice post. i liked it very much. expecting such more good posts.. all the best.


Thank you! That's very kind! :)



this is a gorgeous collection of photos, despite your tags.


Glad you like the post! Noted for the future, thought it was just a general tag :)


me too! but i can understand, i curate homesteading and i get a lot of people posting poetry with it ... but i love your photos, keep em coming!


Yes! I'm still a newb, so still keep learning :) Thank you, that's very kind! :)

This is an incredible post! Thank you so very much for sharing this one with us all here on Upvoted and resteemed!!!

I ca hardly believe your post boss..

Nice post

hey you,you are so cute and hot tooo

Ty for sharing, beautifull pics and incredible place.

So cool.

pretty much great photos. i like this kind of pics as my wallpaper.

wao this place traveling is very enjoyble & i get fantastic post for this reason i am upvot it and resteemed this post...

Thank you so much!Great post @martaesperanza

echoing all the other replies about how great your post is. so detailed. now I'd love to visit this recreated town


Every reply counts! I'm so humbled by all of your responses! :) Thank you!

Very high-quality photos and great post!

Now you mentioned it, i would really love to visit there...
awesome photography shots by the way
upvoted for sure


I'm glad you are! It's really worth it! Thank you! :)

f0llow me

This is great! Excellent images and story. Thank you for taking the time!

I look on your photo that u ve enjoyable travelling and challenging. U deserve to get two thumbs and upvote. I hope someday i could visit it. Visit my blog for latest post, i hope u like it. Have a nice day.

Love your photography!!! Great job!

nice my friend


Wow! nice place. I want to make a trip soon!!

Wow, this is so cool! I wish I could visit a place like this.

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nice post

Beautiful and historical museum...


The smell of history. Amazing

u look like angel.

This post brings me back to all the delicious mayhem I caused in Birmingham. I miss Imperial Great Britain.

That sounds like a place I'd like to live, as long as they have internet.
By the way, the 2nd line under the picture of you on the bus reading the map .. I think you need to change "bet" to "but".


I didn't check wifi while I was there... as I was too lost in admiring the wonders of this place.... but they should have 3g... I mean.... it's Birmingham after all :) And thanks for pointing that out! No matter how many times I proof read it, I always miss something out haha

I'm at a loss for words. Great job!

Fab pics as per usual of the area right where I grew up. Haven't been there in years but am now tempted to go back.


Bet not much have changed haha, but I am definitely up for going there again. Good thing is that, if you buy a ticket it also counts as an annual pass, so after, you can visit as much as you like, throughout the year :)

Interesting post. I remember the movie Shindler's Lists, some stuffs lookslike hundred old. Great storyteller, keep it up:)


Thank you... I try hehe :)

I like stories and photography very much..and thanks to you to provides these things in the form of your post....

Great post. I loved the images, very atmospheric.

woww :O
enjoyed a lot tnx for sharing ^_^

Wow another post and another collection of visual treats. Top work yet again and I love the moodiness of the shots, with those actors it looks like you have captured scenes from the early 20th century. Loving it!


That's so kind of you! Thank you :) Means a lot to me :D

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Great happy trip, wonderful photos and museum wish you a beautiful day @martaesperanza

Really nice

wow awesome's really good click.I'm surprised to see this photographs.😍😍😍😍😲😲😲😲

Hey Marta, it seems like you had a time travelling adventure. Nice pictures bdw. ;)


Yes! It was amazing :) Thank you!

watching those pictures are like from the movies, nice view and place so enticing.

Nice post!

Awesome. Great Post @martaesperanza , you are a wonderful photographer.


That's very kind ! Thank you!

great photography . did you use any special kind of camera?


No just average DSLR :) Nikon D5300, I play with manual settings a lot to capture the darkness in the shots :)

Amazing pictures and article, thank you! I have never known about this museum but will definitely visit as soon as I am back in the UK next year!


That's great! You will love it! :)

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Buenas Tardes amiga @martaesperanza tu post esta lleno de cosas interesantes y sobre todo hermosas fotografías, ese museo es realmente sorprendente te felicito por tu inmenso trabajo de calidad que nos ha presentado y a la vez te invito a que visites mis post


Gracias amigo! :)

wow, thank you for taking us on an adventure to this museum! The pictures are so beautiful as well.

very nice

a terrific post! very interesting photos!

Wow your photography has a timeless, classic feel to it. And what an amazing place to visit! I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Much love - Carl "Totally not a bot" Gnash

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wow i love your photographs! with which camera did you take them? just beautiful!! Thanks for this interesting post! cheers, S.


Nikon D5300! Thank you! :)

This is like I just time traveled to the 20is .Its so cool how you told the stories. I absolutely loved it. I try also to share my travel experience . Please check this about the best Christmas market in Europe

Excellent work ...

Wow... what a spooky place. Like a flash from the past. I like the way you use light with your camera. It's like the picture is alive.

This is a really nice series. When I first saw the name Birmingham, I thought it was in the US. Then I saw where it really is. I would love to spend some time there and take some photographs. The tones and textures are really good and the lighting is great! Did you use any additional lighting other than what was provided? Filters? You did a great job with this series. Thanks for sharing with us.


Hi! I'm glad you like it! No, I've only used natural lighting and manipulated manual settings, so no additional light was used, I normally take external flash with me, but this time I had too much to carry as it was haha! :)

These are beautiful photos. So, would "real props of vegetables and bread" be... real vegetables and bread? Or do they add props for taste?:)


Hahah, yes, it was real bread and real veggies but no one was allowed to eat them! Interesting fact- the veggies were grown in one of the gardens in the museum.... bread was baked there too, all natural! :)


Well, "props" to you for not sneaking a bite OK I'll stop now

Fabulous vintage photarophy!


Thank you! :)


You are welcome. I have to say that I am embarrassed. I don't know much about your art form but it is really captivating.

Wow... what a richly filled experience there....great places..... i'm inspired by this. Thanks for sharing @martaesperanza. #Upvoted

looks like you have a bright future in photography, good luck


That's so kind! Thank you :)

I loved it. Fantastic pictures. It really captures the essence of the time gone by. Beautifully done. Thank you.


Thank you for checking it out! :)

Wow cracking shots! I remember going as a kid with school must have been 20 odd years ago. It amazing it still going an looks mostly the same as far as I can remember. I want to go again now, for nostalgic reasons of course :)


That's so interesting! Glad that the place is sustaining the same wonderful essence over the years! Hope you visit it again! :)

Very impressive photography! :)

@martaesperanza Excellent storytelling! :)

Wow. Amazing. It is a good way to introduce and integrate photographers in steemit. Photographers will have good reasons to stay. Giving us a stage to grow. Thank you!


I'm glad to be a part of this wonderful platform! :)

Amazing post! It seemed such an incredible adventure. And so it was, I'm sure. I had never been in the village, but it's like I could feel the atmosphere by looking at the pictures (which are also incredible) and reading through the nice and detailed description. The great memories will stay with you forever :)

Wow! What camera do you use, or what editing software? Because some of these pics look like painting and almost all are gorgeous! :-O

what a marvel of photographic shots, excellent work very appropriate to space and time, it seems to me a very beautiful proposal to live in the memory or to live from the memory @martaesperanza


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Hey young lady,
From beautiful models to lost in time villages, looks like you are doing very well. I wish you continued success. I'll make it a point to stop by again in the near future.


Good to hear from you again! Thank you! :D

Awesome post, I like your photography mood


Thank you! :)

Such a beautiful post!!! I love all the mood of the pictures! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you darling! :)

Oh my what an extraordinary post and place and your photography is exquisite. I am an artist/writer/lightworker who speaks to spirit. I was also an antique/vintage dealer for 18 years living in France and so this really floats my boat :) So happy to have stumbled upon you; I have upvoted and followed and invite you to come browse my offerings. Sending you Seasons Greetings and wishing you happiness xox


What an interesting life you have! Happy to have you here! Thank you! :) xx

This sounds like an amazing place--I would love to go there! Great post and great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

i do really enjoyed this post especially the photos wow, amazing.
thanks for sharing this adventure, and please keep posting more :)

Love it! Great post. You have inspired me to step my game up :-)