MY Designer PHOTO SHOOT ''Sweet Death'' & UPDATES

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Hello Steemians!
Today I share with you this photo shoot results that I organised for showcasing the creation of designer pearlsandswine!
This shoot was dedicated to her candy- skull headpiece which mesmerized me ever since I first layed my eyes on it. I organised the shoot, from studio, model, muahs and styling. It took a couple of weeks to orchestrate everything as I was shooting several designs in the same day.

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This shoot was a special one, since my style is quite dark, I rarely stray away from a dark colour pallet or dim lighting. That's where I feel most comfortable. But here, I decided to stray away from my personal preferences and go out of my comfort zone. Vibrant purples, blues and pinks are dominating in this image, the challenge was to make it my own, to put my signature on the images staying true to my style, while trying something completely new.

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I decided to go with a haunted vibe, matching the appearance of the headpiece skull which this shoot is based on. I imagined expressing the sweetness and vibrancy of it while highlighting the themes of the headpiece skull and death. I purchased a pastel purple dress, used a blue distressed background in the studio and purple gel on top of my speedlight lighting the background and model from the side. The makeup matched this playful colour scheme and the hair was meant to be an ''haunted chaos'' as I described it on the shoot. I believe the hair is the aspect of the look that really brings in that darkness and levels out the vibrant colours of it. Along with the model poses, I directed to reflect a dreamy, haunted & dazed look.

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I am so happy with the results of this shoot, not only I strained away from my comfort zone and managed to create new work that bursts with colour but I also maintained my signature dark style while doing so. The images are a contrast between vibrancy/sweetness/life and chaos/darkness/death. Giving off a haunting atmosphere (at least that's what I aimed for). I am so thrilled to have worked once again with such talented women to make this shoot come to life. And I'm even more thrilled that one of the images from this shoot got published in Dark Beauty Magazine already. I'm eager to hear your thoughts about this? Do you guys like it? What do you feel when you look at the images?

Before I finish off, I just want to update you all, the last few weeks I've been working on new adventure blogs as well as something really special. I can't wait to share it with you all. Next blog will be the announcement of what'c coming and also I will be sharing some adventure/ travel blogs following that. So please stay tuned!
I'm also aware of the situation with steemit! I hope that the following changes will aid this platform thrive further and support all the creatives on it that dedicated so much time and effort towards the blogs and work on here. Steemit is such a precious platform with such potential! I hope it's going to keep growing and thriving following any changes.

As always thank you all for reading,

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Until next time,


Marta x

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