Hello Steemit,

Today I share with you a blog of a different kind. Unlike my previous travelling and photography dedicated posts, this one is about a small party I organised to celebrate my graduation and birthday… a few months back.
Because of the intense year filled with what seemed like endless amount of work, I already told myself I will throw a small party to celebrate my birthday as well as my achievements when I’m done with all the work. I’ve never had any themed parties before, so I was surely excited to start brainstorming the ideas for the various themes and how to make everything come to life.

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I had so many ideas about themes but one that kept coming back to me was Alice in Wonderland theme. Since I planned to invite only 6 people, due to lack of space in my little home, the thought of making the theme an Alice’s mad tea party, seemed more doable and easier to follow.




I already had some cute teacups and teakettles, that I picked up from various charity shops, I also had various props and decorations from a number of photoshoots. Such as some fake moss, roses and rose vines…. Among many others. So naturally, I tried to utilize as much as I already had at home to decorate the space and set the magical atmosphere.
The rest of decorations I picked randomly in various stores and ebay. I always looked for opportunities to save some money and stay true to my low budget. Whether it be sales, discount items, auctions among some.




I think that the additional decoration blended seamlessly with my own home décor, creating a forest tea part scene with Alice in Wonderland themes visible on the paper plates, tags attached to tea cups, the original books displayed with scattered pack of cards above a fireplace. I even picked out some rice paper illustrations both from original story book and the old Disney version of Alice in Wonderland.




I was always intrigued by the creativity and chaos of this story, deep messages of life scattered all around. The plot which is so confusing yet makes sense, so scattered yet wholesome. There are so many exciting aspects to this story, it’s a real treat for children but also adults, the type of story to open certain doors in mind for imagination.
As for food, I prepared some variety of teas and coffee to choose from. Snacks in forms of sandwiches, sweets, cakes and cupcakes scattered around. On a separate table I put more snacks, nuts, crisps and fizzy drinks. As the tea party went on, I organised a variety of games, like the jelly bean roulette, exploding kitten and other card games.


Later, with the games continuing I also added some booze and pizza. The night ended with lots of laughs and a great atmosphere. Completely lost a track of time, which is ironically fitting with the party theme. The guests seemed to be happy with the party and as it was my first themed party and also first time fully organising one, I was pretty happy with myself.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog,

Let me know what you think of the party, would you attend yourself?

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Thank you all for reading, and I shall see in in the next one…


Marta x

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