WINTER ARCHITECTURE wondering around Sydney

in photography •  last year

I was wandering around the city today and thought I would take some photographs of some of the less well known buildings around Sydney.

AWA used to make old bakerlite radios and TVs
You know the ones with valves instead of transistors.
I think they went broke decades ago.


This is St Mary's Cathedral



This is Martin Place
The main business district and location of the Reserve Bank of Australia.
Also the site of a nasty terror attack in the Lindt Cafe a few years back


Hope everyone enjoyed the pics.
I just wanted to lighten up a bit after a few serious posts.

Happy Steeming.

All photos by @marky

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Beautiful sights! I've always wanted to visit Sydney. Thanks for sharing this with us :)


No problem

Amazing place


Yes it was a lovely walk throught the city


Thank you


You are welcome)

Nice pictures, I’m following you now.


Thats great thank you.
I like your posts and following you to.