Lakeviews + Snowy Forest

in photography •  20 days ago 


A pair of islands in Lake Vesijärvi. I got lucky and had the sun shine on them just right while the trees still had snow on them.


Another one


Mukkula Manor


Kahvisaari island where the local canoeing club has its base


That radio mast is on top of Tiirismaa, a hill that is part of the esker running through this region and many others. The radio masts near the city that I have taken many pictures of haven't been used for a long time. They do continue to serve as icons of the city. The tower in this pictures is the real deal.


Yet another icon of our city.

Some pictures taken in the morning:



It can't get much simpler than that composition-wise.



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Wow! Very nice and icy scenery from the northern hemisphere! So different from the hot day and sunny afternoon here.

Yeah. Steemfest will be soon. The temperature over there in Bangkok seems to stay above 25 C even at night. How high is air humidity there? Does laundry dry quickly when you hang it out to dry?

Oh! Yes, the laundry will take about three hours on a very sunny day! The weather is just nice at the moment, only three hours of heat at noon. The sun sets much earlier!