Foggy Meadow

in photography •  2 months ago

I took this one when I was shooting pictures for the abandoned house post in the Suomieksotiikkaa SAATANA series started by @eveuncovered. It's probably the most pleasant sight in or near the yard. This is the first time I show this. It is interesting to take a second look at your photos. What strikes me as quite obvious now is that I should've taken a few steps forward so that more of the actual meadow would've been in the picture. But, honestly, I felt an urgent need to use the loo (number two), which is my concentration wasn't as good as it could've been. lol

Please come back, fog. You are sorely missed.


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Wiii! Thanks for the too much info! :)

Anyways, I like this photo. There's always the "Maybe if I had taken, stepped, gone, put, sat, jumped, made summersolts..." -thing. And I do that too. Perhaps it's part of the learnig process us humans tend to do.


Yes. But I just noticed something about the picture. The upper edge of the vegetation in the foreground forms a line from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. The tree and the bushes on the right form a line from the upper right edge that meets the corner-to-corner line and is perpendicular to it. Look at the picture in the upper right in this set of four:

Flip the picture around the vertical axis. You get that exact little triangle that I was talking about in the above. The foreground vegetation on the left in my picture is a wedge shaped triangle. Triangles are an often used element in composition. The foreground is overemphasized in my picture but at least there's something good about it. The fog and how it helps create depth in the scenery is wonderful.


So this really is a better photo than the "what if" photo would have been. :)


I should go have another look at the place.

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There are few thing I dearly love and fog is one of them. Believe you me I am missing this superb season more than you because I have lot of memories attached with it ;)