The Puffins of Látrabjarg

Hi Steemit people,

I wanted to share with you some pictures that i took of the resident puffins in the north of Iceland at Látrabjarg. Access to these wonderful birds is easy if you don't mind getting close to the cliff edge. We were lucky enough to see one breeding pair nesting really close to us and you can see that one of them was busy collecting nesting materials.


Im assuming it was the female of the pair that was staying at the nest, keeping an eye on what we were up to


And it was always good to see a safe return after a bit of time out at sea.


A quick shake to dry yourself off


And then you can happily be welcomed back by your partner.


But all that hard work flying and nest building can make you incredibly sleepy.


So while she sleeps, he is quite happy to pose for a beautiful portrait.


Cheers guys