They may well do, because the stock agencies use the professional version.. The problem is that I would get hundreds of false positives, because I am here on Steemit and my images have been available on the web for over 20 years! There is no way a bot would be able to determine if I am the photographer or not!

Yeah, i'm the same, not so much on stock photography sites, but on galleries such as 500px and my own site. It's a real tricky problem to solve.

I think it's up to the community to say we won't tolerate it, but I sometimes feel that my voice is so small, because many don't want to listen!!

Well im listening. Unfortunately, thats just 20 fingers between us to plug a dam that is leaking copied content all over Steemit :(

And of course all over the web too, because Steemit is not a private site! Maybe there are enough photographers now that we could start our own drive to clean up the act!

its certainly something id be interested in getting involved with. I think I saw about a month ago someone who wanted to clean up the photography tag but i can't remember who it was (it might have even been you...)

Err...... make that 30 fingers ;)

There are more of us fighting it now than when I first started, so that's a good thing!

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