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in photography •  28 days ago

The last two days I have been back on mount Titlis for this years skiing/snowboarding weekend with my friends from high school; a cool event we have been enjoying for the last 12+ years. Weather at 3000m (10'000 ft) was cold (-20C, -4F) but beautiful. The picture was taken on the last run of the day.

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Nice. Though I am not sure how you guys can handle -4. Anytime it drops below 20, that is enough for me! :)


It's really a cool place, i dream to ski in such place. I hope I will make it someday.

So cool you keep that tradition for all those years. I wish I could also see my friends from school...haven't seen them in ages...

That light is absolutely amazing! That blueish snow is something you don't get to see every day. I've seen some photos from Norway recently, those were like yours. Excellent shot, congrats!

This view is really amazing keep enjoying snowboarding

Keep enjoying your snowboarding @mariusfebruary. A friend of my also travelled to Austria for some snowboarding with friends.

-Enjoy yourself, this is the season.

-20c, never experienced it before, but that sounds really cold.


Its brrrrr cold but dry. I couldn’t stop for too long with my gear and had to keep going (except for the shot) :-)

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brrrr cold hahahaha :)
Thanks for making me laugh :D

Something magical about the mountains isn't there? Beautiful snap 🙂

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-20C I haven't experienced for some good years. How many runs did you had for the entire day, by the way?
The view is spectacular. Definitely worth the -20C.


We had great weather and no crowds so it was really up to us … we maxed out our muscles haha and stopped for some extra coffee.

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I can only envy you @mariusfebruary

Those are some amazing mountains our there. I've been living in south-east asia for many years already and I cannot remember the last time I've seen snow. It must be such a great feeling to ride down the slop on your snowboard :)

Be safe,

A wonderful picture of mountains, a charming place where endurance is also needed) you have a good tradition with friends. I understand very well what the temperature is -20C, I used to work in the north of Siberia, there was -50C mark as I remember, very cold :)

Wow !! What an impressive image, how I would love to be there and enjoy it, it must be beautiful, thank you for sharing that beauty, and it's good that you have enjoyed that adventure with your friends from school, by the way I want to thank you for supporting me with my music from time to time receive a vote so it helps a lot and I take this opportunity to thank you and I hope you have enjoyed my music, and if you have a specific theme to want to listen to it with mmi violin I can gladly do it :)

Heliskiing? :)

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well caught photo, brrrrr, it makes me cold looking at it :)

Incredible photo ... really captures that "last run" serenity.

... and well earned! Thanks for being such a friend to the @dsound crew and patronizing the community, which is how I landed here! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed!!

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