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The state of Amazonas is one of the 23 states that made up Venezuela. Its capital is the town of Puerto Ayacucho. I visit this city so many times a year to visit my mother's family. I have roots in this place for my grandmother. She is born on Puerto Ayacucho. She always learned me about her culture and I really like to ear her stories.

The ethnological culture of the Amazon state is the largest in the country, possessing 20 different ethnic groups, differentiated by their own languages and customs. Indigenous languages of the Arawaka, Caribbean, Yanomami family, or representing isolated languages without any known relationship to one another, are spoken in the Amazon.


One of the things I enjoy the most in life is eating. Something remarkable about the Amazon is its rich and very exotic gastronomy. You can enjoy from a rich fried fish, to eating spider, ants among other things. Even its fruits are exotic, if you are brave you can risk trying a whole new world of flavors.
I have always enjoyed these family trips. I enjoy learning new things, new customs. I think that the magic of traveling is knowing what is different from you. My grandmother was born in the Amazon, but lived most of her life in the city of Caracas. My generation was born with other customs, with other thoughts, but deep down our roots are the same.

If you want to live a really exciting experience. If you want to fill yourself with a positive vibe. Observe amazing landscapes, full of magic and diversity. To eat exotic and delicious food you need to visit the magical world of the Amazon.


I hope you enjoy this wonderful trip as much as I do. The photos do not reflect how impressive and wonderful this place is. You need to live it and feel it live to fall in love with this incredible place. Beautiful and full of culture. See you in the next post hive.

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