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Rhodocollybia maculata - White hat with irregular rusty-brown spots; matte and smooth surface, thin and long folded edge; 40-100 mm in diameter, young hemispherical, later convex, mature flat and bent, not hygrophanous.

Plaques white to cream, with age in rust-brown stains, very compressed; straight adnate or sinuate; low notched blade.

White stem with rusty-brown spots; cylindrical, often twisted along the axis, longitudinally grooved, pointed base; compact, hard, long-fibred.

White, hard, fibrous flesh, wood aroma, pleasant, bitter taste.

Occurrence: Sporocarps grow on wood buried in the ground, on the litter, singly or in groups. In forests of various types, mainly conifers (spruce, pine), from July to November. Common.

Value: Unaffected fungus.

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