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Peniophora quercina - One-year mushroom; spread, spread-bent; single circular 30 to 200 mm long, 0.2 to 2 mm thick, combines with other individuals into larger coats; firmly attached to the ground, difficult to detach. During the drought, it shrinks, swells in the wet period. Upper surface, visible only on the rolled edge, rough, dark brown, black. The shore is lightly hairy, fibrous, frosted, white in color, vapid; in old age dark, clearly wriggling and sticking out from the ground.

Hymenium (genus layer) on the entire surface of the fruiting body; smooth, wrinkled, nodular, radially folded and striated, dull, cracked in old age. Color: gray-violet, gray-pink, light-brown, for brown old age. In a damp environment, it is violet-blue.

The flesh is soft, waxy when young; later leathery, fragile, very thin.

Occurrence: In deciduous and mixed forests, in parks; on dead and dead branches of oak, rarely other species of deciduous trees. Common, rare in mountainous regions. Throughout the year.

Value: Unaffected fungus.

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